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2015-09-22: Resolution: Minority governments make better governments

7:30 Welcome Heather B: Opening address and introductions

7:35 Business Executive reports

7:40 Impromptu Gerry

8:10 Recess 8:20 Motion: Minority governments make better governments Points of Information mandatory. Speaker Michelle Time Keeper Anita Prime Minister 7:00 Ali Leader of the Opposition 7:00 Heather Government Seconder 5:00 Victor Opposition Seconder 5:00 David F Summations 2:00 Opposition summation 2:00 Government summation Floor Participation Vote Comments and observations Adjudicator 7:00 Dean and Jim 9:20 Result Award presentations: Adjudicator Popular vote Best debater(s) 9:25 Epilogue Closing remarks and other business Jerry K.: Positions for next debate

9:30 Adjourn Reconvene over at the Dark Horse Pub where we usually debate about who really won! Remember that we did not necessarily debate our own opinions tonight. We hope you will join us for this informal conclusion to the evening.

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No experience necessary

The government and opposition will face off to debate the resolution. We hope you will join us! Watch or take part: Meet at 7:30 in the Council Chamber (2nd floor) of Swansea Town Hall at 95 Lavinia Avenue

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