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BIRT: Snow Tires Should be Mandatory in Ontario, March 7, 2017
Speaker:             Dean
PM:                      Lydia
Govt Seconder:  Jonathan
LO:                       Jordan
Opp Seconder:   Anita
Adjudicator:        Gerry
BIRT: The American Dream is Overrated,
January 10, 2017
Speaker:             Leon
PM:                      Michael C.
Govt Seconder:  Anita
LO:                       Dean
Opp Seconder:   Danielle
Adjudicator:        James
BIRT: Workplaces should have no interior walls, December 20, 2016
Speaker:             Rob
PM:                      Jonathan
Govt Seconder:  David
LO:                       Dean
Opp Seconder:   Julie
Adjudicator:        Robert
BIRT: Guaranteed Annual Income is waste of money, November 8, 2016
Speaker:             Viktor
PM:                      Leon
Govt Seconder:  David
LO:                       Gerry
Opp Seconder:   Dean
Adjudicator:        Robert
BIRT: Hillary Clinton is more trustworthy than Donald Trump, October 25, 2016
Speaker:             Daniele
PM:                      David
Govt Seconder:  Lydia
LO:                       Michael C
Opp Seconder:   Heather
Adjudicator:        Dean
BIRT: Social Media has more influence than Religion
September 27, 2016
Speaker:             Dean
PM:                      Leon
Govt Seconder:  Sanjana
LO:                       David
Opp Seconder:   Gerry
Adjudicator:        Robert
BIRT: Referendums cause more harm than good
September 13, 2016
Speaker:             Gerry
PM:                      Anita
Govt Seconder:  David F
LO:                       Robert M
Opp Seconder:   Dean
Adjudicator:        Michael C
BIRT: Eric Snowden is a Patriot
Speaker:             Victor
PM:                      David
Govt Seconder:  Dean
LO:                      Jonathan
Opp Seconder:   Sem
Adjudicator:        Robert
BIRT: The Early Years of Love are Best.
April 19, 2016
Speaker:             David
PM:                      Gerry
Govt Seconder: Jonathan
LO:                      Michael
Opp Seconder:   Daniele
Adjudicator:       Heather/Sem
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