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  1. Referendums cause more harm than good​
  2. Hillary Clinton is more trustworthy than Donald Trump​
  3. Social media has more influence than religion​
  4. Free trade is a race to the bottom​
  5. Workplaces should have no interior walls​
  6. Bottled water causes more harm than good​
  7. Extended warranties are a waste of money​
  8. Capitalism has runs its course​
  9. Guaranteed Annual Income is a waste of money​
  10. The American dream is overrated

International Women's Day debate. Left to right: Gerry, Dean, Sem (adjudicator), Heather & David. Triple win for the opposition: Adjudication, popular vote and best debater (Heather)

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Triple win for Sem & Robert: adjudication, popular vote and best debater (Sem)

Jonathan - best debater

Jonathan - best debater

Emily & Heather triple win

Triple win for Heather & Emily: adjudication, popular vote and best debater (Heather)

Michael & Jonathan

Michael & Jonathan win by adjudication

Michelle & Jerry

Michelle & Jerry win by popular vote


Madame Speaker, Anita


Impromptu Speaker, Daniele


Introductions & Impromptu


Jerry & Dean thwarted by the Opposition

Please note participants are not necessarily debating their own views or opinions.

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