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Giving back to the community

The Toronto Debating Society is an active member of the community and encourages outreach initiatives. Our outreach programs include exhibition debates, public speaking presentations, educational seminars and workshops.


Some of the groups that have participated in our programs include Toastmasters, JCI Toronto (a division of Junior Chamber International), The Tuesday Literary Club and the Ruskin Literary and Debating Society.


Two of our members were guests on Radio Regent for a one-hour live show on debating that was broadcast to a global audience.


Guest Testimonial

"... thank you to you and the rest of the Debating Society for welcoming me and my students on Tuesday. We had a great time, and while my students found it challenging to follow *every* word, they all understood the debaters’ ideas & structure and agreed that it was an amazing way to practice their listening skills."       Jessica G., January 2017

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