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2024-04-02: Resolution
Be it resolved that: 

Privatized medicine is acceptable if it pays its own way

Be Our Guest!

Attendance is always free

The government and opposition will face off to debate the resolution. 

We hope you will join us at 7:30 in the Jewitt Hall of Runnymede United Church at 432 Runnymede Road.

Style: Regular Parliamentary Debate

7:30     WELCOME             Opening address, introductions, question of the day.


7:45     CLUB BUSINESS    Executive reports, new business, unfinished business, positions for next debate.


7:50     IMPROMPTU         Howard


8:10     RECESS                   10 minute break

8:20     Motion: Speaker introduces resolution and Prime Minister

Sign Up Here to Participate (members only)

Speaker                                                                  Sign up to volunteer


Time Keeper                                                          Sign up to volunteer


Prime Minister                                    7:00            Gil


Leader of the Opposition                   7:00            Cindy


Government Seconder                        5:00            Annie 


Opposition Seconder                          5:00            Markus 

Summations  (x2)                                2:00           LO & PM

Floor Participation                              5:00           Members & Guests 

Adjudicator                                         7:00           Sign up to volunteer 

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To volunteer for a position you must be a member in good standing.

If you need to withdraw after you are listed on the agenda, you are responsible for finding a replacement. 

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or contact us for help.

9:20      Result       Award presentations


                                                                      Popular vote:       

                                                                      Best debater(s):     


9:25    Epilogue    Closing remarks and other business

                              Positions for next debate


9:30     Adjourn    Reconvene over at The Swan: A Firkin Pub where we usually debate who                                      really won! (see map on the right).

                              Remember that we did not necessarily debate our own opinions tonight.

                              We hope you will join us for this informal conclusion to the evening.

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