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2016-01-26: Resolution: Mini-debate Marathon!

All are invited to participate (including guests!)














Mini Debates




Resume Debates

Heather B.: Opening address and introductions


Executive reports


The Mini-Debate Marathon is a special open house event for members and guests of the Toronto Debating Society. Normally, membership is required to participate in a debate – but tonight participation is open to all. Try your hand at debating in a fun and frivolous environment with new hands and old to help newcomers and guests participate.


The evening will consist of several mini debates between two speakers; the Prime Minister, or the responding Leader of the Opposition. The PM will speak for 2:00, the LO will respond for 3:00 and finally the PM will have the final word for 1:00.

The winner will be chosen by a show of hands from the audience.

The speakers can chose the debates and the positions they wish to take during the evening.



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Closing remarks and other business

Jerry K.: Positions for next debate


Reconvene over at the Dark Horse Pub where we usually debate about who really won! Remember that we did not necessarily debate our own opinions tonight. We hope you will join us for this informal conclusion to the evening.

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Attendance is always free

The government and opposition will face off to debate the resolution. We hope you will join us! Watch or take part: Meet at 7:30 in the Council Chamber (2nd floor) of Swansea Town Hall at 95 Lavinia Avenue.

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